Victorian Bushfires Update 5

One of the photos that Ruth took at my sister’s place on Saturday is going to be on the front page of The Age tomorrow, along with part of my sister’s story. We took many photos (and I will get around to posting them on Flickr before long), but one in particular is excellent – Ruth took a photo of the kangaroo standing in the ashes at my sister’s place in front of the concrete water tank. We sent the photo and a brief synopsis of the story to The Age yesterday, and they contacted Ruth this morning and said they wanted to interview my sister. The journalist and a photographer went out to my sister’s place today and interviewed her and took loads photos of the site. Coincidentally, my parents were visiting my sister today too. I suspect that it was good that there was a bit of excitement when my mum was there, because it didn’t really allow her much time to get upset.

Last Sunday a number of my sister’s friends conducted a “working-bee” at their place in Hurstbridge. They created a huge vegetable patch in the previously overgrown garden, they converted part of the garage into a new art studio for my sister. They spent the entire day fixing and building. My sister was incredibly touched. My niece returned to school today, and all her school friends turned up with new articles of clothing for her!

The kangaroo has made an appearance at my sister’s place every day since we saw it on Saturday. He seems to look forward to them turning up with the hay. I have let her know that roo pellets would be better (thanks Storm) and she said that she’ll pick some of those up as soon as she can. Hopefully the picture and story will be on the front page (always subject to breaking news overnight). My sister’s name is Michele.

For those that are interested, the article about the kangaroo and my sister has appeared in the online version of The Age.

Thanks to Ruth Woodrow for allowing me to use her photo in my blog!

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