Powerful Owl at Flagstaff Gardens

We took a quick visit to Flagstaff Gardens in the city to take a look for the Powerful Owl reported by a number of people. The owl was precisely where it had been described – in an oak tree on the William St boundary of the gardens, almost directly opposite A’Beckett St. Powerful Owls are really amazing birds – often you see them with half a possum in their talons – not this time though. I wonder if this is the same bird as “Olivia” that we saw 18 months ago in the same gardens? Impossible to be really sure, I think.

While we were there we thought we’d do a lap of the gardens to look for the Bassian Thrush reported by Sean Dooley the other day. We pretty much covered all the garden beds with no joy (all up this took less than 10 minutes because the gardens are quite small). On the way back to the car we thought we’d just check the first garden bed again (the one nearest the Powerful Owl’s tree) – and sure enough, there was the Bassian Thrush – totally oblivious to us and the other passers-by!
Photos by Ruth Woodrow.

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